Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Do you have a shop? 

I do not have a physical shop. Please make your purchase online via this website:

2) Can I come down to visit your shop? 

Sorry, you can't because I do not have a physical shop. Please make your purchase online via this website:

3) Are these rosaries blessed?

These rosaries are handmade in SecretAyu studio. Therefore, it is impossible for me to bring all the rosaries and orders to the church for blessing. Due to the Covid19 restrictions to churches, it is even more difficult to bring all the products for blessing by priests. Thank you for your kind understanding.


These handmade rosaries are unique and modern in design. I make all my rosaries by hand and carefully select the beads, medals, and crucifixes. My heart is that everyone should have a beautiful, personal, one of a kind rosary to inspire you to draw closer to God.


      Thank you for supporting small handmade business! ❤️