Terms & Conditions on Pre-ordering items


PRE-ORDER: These are items that are not available and/or are currently sold-out from our online shop.

Pre-order or back-order is placing orders in advance which requires a full payment from a client interested in procuring the said item/product.

Please make sure you have read and understood all the conditions written here before submitting your Orders.


1. “Full payment” is required & should be made via the website available payment mode. 

2. Cancellation of orders is not allowed once the Order has been submitted and paid nor could it be exchanged for other tools/items or services being rendered. All pre-orders made are considered as sold.

3. Estimated Date of Arrival: Shipment is based on the shipping schedule of our selected courier. Although we could track and trace the whereabouts of our package we cannot assure you the exact date and time of its arrival here due to several factors such as delays due to unforeseen events beyond our control (Technical problems of the shipping company, Natural Disasters, Customs clearing etc.) Products coming from the Italy / Bethlehem, usually takes 15-30 days from date of delivery. Kindly manage your expectations. “If you cannot wait that long then please do not proceed with your order”.

4. Once the products have landed and received by us. You will then be informed via contact number, email address and other social media platforms you have provided. We will immediately have all your orders packed in the next 24 Hours and schedule it for shipment. 

5. Pre-orders are non-transferable. All orders made shall ship directly to the person and address specified in the order form. We will not entertain such requests to protect the privacy and security of our clients.


Thank you for supporting small handmade business!❤️